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SALytic Invest AG

SALytic Invest is one of the leading German wealth managers. The company is characterized by the seniority of its employees, who stand for excellent analysis, convincing risk-adjusted performance and true partnership with their customers.

We are a bank-independent asset manager for individual liquid securities portfolios. The in-depth, independent analysis and investment approach of the highly experienced team of capital market experts is the basis for the quality of the portfolios. We act as an entrepreneurial partner at your side and are free from bank-specific conflicts of interest. The assets entrusted to us are held securely, transparently and cost-effectively with the custodian bank of your choice.

SALytic Strategy

The SALytic Strategy fund is an active multi-asset-balanced mandate, which gives the investor access to a broadly diversified, cost-efficient asset management in one fund. The investment quotas of the individual asset classes are dynamically controlled on the basis of the independent, in-depth analysis approach. Depending on the market assessment, the equity share ranges between 25% and 80%. The fund management uses a wide, global range of investment instruments, which essentially consist of equities, bonds, currencies, investment funds and precious metals. The core components are European equities with international additions, as well as corporate and government bonds denominated in euros.

SALytic Stiftungsfonds AMI

The SALytic Stiftungsfonds fund is a multi-asset fund tailored for endowments, with the fixed income component primarily consisting of fixed and floating rate bonds denominated in euros. In addition to the focus on corporate bonds, crossover-, high yield- and hybrid bonds, as well as opportunities in currencies, are added to the bond component to increase returns. The average rating of all rated bonds should be at least BBB- (investment grade). In order to achieve the investment objective, up to 50% of the fund’s assets can be held in equities, equity funds and equity derivatives. The equity component mainly consists of European equities with low volatility and high dividends. The basic equity portfolio can be supplemented with champions in medium-sized companies, as well as corporate events opportunities to add value. Currencies can also be added to the portfolio. ESG criteria are an integral part of the investment process.

SALytic Active Equity

The SALytic Active Equity fund is a European equity fund with the aim of investing in high-dividend, low-volatility, structurally growing European equities, supplemented with champions in medium-sized companies and corporate events. This is intended to open up opportunities for additional sources of income and achieve volatility well below the market average for Eurozone equities. The approach is benchmark-free. The main value driver is the specific selection of companies based on a structured fundamental analytical approach.

SALytic Bond Opportunities

The SALytic Bond Opportunities fund is a European bond fund with an average investment grade rating. It mainly invests in corporate and government bonds. The aim is to add value through active risk management, investments in risk premiums on new issues, non-ECB bonds, unrated bonds, foreign currency bonds, with the addition of crossover themes as anomalies.


ESG criteria are an integral part of the investment process at SALytic Invest AG. We combine fundamental company-specific data (balance sheet quality, cash flows…) and macroeconomic factors (interest rates, money supply…) with ESG criteria in order to make integrated investment decisions. The aim is to construct low-volatility, liquid securities portfolios that not only promise attractive risk-adjusted returns, but also meet high sustainability standards. In fact, all mutual funds advised by SALytic Invest have above-average ESG scores.

In addition to the integrated consideration of ESG criteria in the investment process (through negative lists, exclusions, best-in-class concept, scoring methods…), SALytic Invest sees it as a clear goal to support companies on their way to more sustainability. Therefore, the discussion about a company’s sustainability profile and its ESG objectives is always an essential part of the discussions with the respective management. By doing this, we can include measurable improvements in an issuer’s sustainability profile in our analyses. This is of great advantage in cases where, in our opinion, ESG ratings from external providers are not sufficiently forward-looking or are only insufficiently available, which is for example the case for many small caps. This also underpins the in-depth, structured-analytical investment approach of SALytic Invest with regard to sustainability aspects.

SALytic Invest AG
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