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AAB Asset Services GmbH is a complete subsidiary of Augsburger Aktienbank AG (AAB). The bank was founded in 1963 as a single-branch bank and it can therefore be considered the oldest direct bank in Germany. Since then both the remote operations of the bank along with it’s many years’ experience working in cooperation with its sales partners have been key factors in the bank’s success. AAB has been 100% owned by LVM since 2002. Since then it has developed from being a private bank with particular securities expertise to become one of the most important nationwide processing companies for financial service providers for the distribution of securities. The bank’s independence, along with the deliberate refusal to take advantage of its own investment fund products is fully appreciated by its 250 or so sales partners and investments management companies The bank is entrusted with the accounts and deposits from over 400,000 customers with a total deposits volume of over 10 billion euros.

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AAB Asset Services GmbH places a high value on professionalism With our range of services in consulting and sales, we strive to be your long-term, flexible and cooperative partner in all matters relating to fund management. For any complicated investment fund structures or for non-typical investment or funding ideas you have we are the perfect partner to provide any suggestions and no-nonsense advice.
We operate a flat hierarchy, always flexible and effective.