Your partner for strategic fund sales in Germany and Austria.

Our approach begins with the consultation upon marketing issues at a strategic level and leads to the search for the most attractive distribution partners and professional investors in Germany. This will provide you with a meaningful and broad access to the market which has most need for your product range.

Our B2B placement agent service will also extend the search for the right distribution partners and professional investors in Germany in an effort to provide the broad market access that best suits your product.

  • With the aid of our network, we can help you to forge links with potential partners who would be more than willing to market your funds in Germany.
  • We will provide you access to professional investors who use their funds as part of their asset management activities.
  • We can expand the range of possibilities for individual marketing for you. Together we can develop a tailor-made sales strategy.

How we can be of assistance to you in solving your marketing problems

  • Support and advice in the development of a targeted sales strategy
  • Development of new client relationships and distribution channels for your fund.
  • Sales promotion activities (fairs, events)
  • Support in public relations
  • Support in the production of standardized sales documents and monthly fact sheets

»Have you already taken all of the above on board and are fully aware of the best market prices? In which case we are of no further use to you!

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