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As a family office-related, independently operating financial services provider Do Investment AG assists and supports wealthy individuals, entrepreneurial families, foundations and conservative institutions in matters of wealth planning and management as well as family office-related services. In addition to structuring and managing liquid assets, the core competencies of Do Investment AG include exclusive investments in real asset, in particular in the agricultural sector.

The portfolio management team’s investment decisions are based on a clearly defined and transparent investment process with the aim of minimising risks and achieving sustained growth in developing portfolios. According to a long-term investment horizon the guarantee of capital prevention und risk control are our top priorities. To implement its investment strategies, Do Investment AG primarily invests in global individual securities. We believe that we will suffer from the effects of the Covid-19 crises for a longer period of time. As a result, we expect more volatile markets.

Particularly in these times it is important to be broadly diversified. Furthermore, individual securities contribute to a transparent portfolio structure and can positively affect total costs.

Do Investment AG
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